Wholesellers & Importers

Coffaina Image: Einzelne Flasche
Coffaina Image: Flaschen
Coffaina Image: Karton mit Flaschen
Coffaina Image: Tray


Contact for wholesellers, big retailers, importers and exporters, who want to buy coffaina by the palett and sell in their area: Laurent Burst, CEO, +41 79 411 34 68, laurent@coffaina.com.

Gastronoms, shops and consumers, who’d like to buy coffaina by the bottle or by tray, but don’t find a dealer, please contact bleibwach@coffaina.com. We’re looking forward to help you find your coffaina.

Fact Sheet

The Fact Sheet for Export


Pictures, Logo, Campaign etc

Do you need product packshots, campaign pictures or the coffaina logo? You’ll find all that on our press page.

Coffaina Plakat: Endlich wieder da!
Coffaina Plakat: Vergleich
Coffaina Stickers: Dog
Coffaina Stickers: Goldman
Coffaina Stickers: Guitar
Coffaina Stickers: Pingpong
Coffaina Hashtag-Stickers: Bleibach
Coffaina Hashtag-Stickers: CelebrateMultiKulti
Coffaina Hashtag-Stickers: Fuck Hate
Coffaina Hashtag-Stickers: Legal Ilegal Scheissegal
Coffaina Imagebild: Einzelne Flaschen
Coffaina Imagebild: Flaschen
Coffaina Imagebild: Karton mit Flaschen
Coffaina Imagebild: Tray
Coffaina Posters: Dog
Coffaina Posters: Glasses
Coffaina Posters: Goldman